Mike Scott


Mike Scott believes that any time invested in training must provide information that has immediate and applicable take-home value. Leverage of “information-to-application” is what he stresses.

Mike uses his in-depth knowledge of training, employee development, and business to help professionals quickly and fully absorb and utilize the information he teaches.

His experience includes professional executive recruiting, Manager of Recruiting and Training for Reed Tool Company in Houston, and Human Resources Manager for the Energy Banking group of RepublicBank, now Bank of America. Mike started his own training and development company in July of 1984 and regularly speaks, designs and conducts training programs for both large and small companies, like McDonalds Corporation, Ernst & Young, AAA and many others. His unique and interesting style and immediate payoff results in additional work with his client companies.

Mike specializes in the areas of: (See the website: www.mikescottandassociates.com for detailed explanations of programs). Call us, toll-free, at 1-800-990-6540 for more information.

  •   Creating A Totally Accountable Workplace
  •   How To Have Fewer, Shorter, More Effective, More Productive Meetings
  •   How To Develop Projects For On-Time Completion
  •   How To Use Situational Leadership To Enhance Employee ResultsHe served in the U. S. Army for four years through the rank of Captain. This included a one- year tour of duty in Vietnam. Mike earned his BS in Business and his MA in Psychology from North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota. He now lives in Tampa, FL.